Unique offer for all those women, who are already fed up with so to say “real woman role” both at work and in private life.

For all those who are looking new way and contact with other women who need support and understanding. Those are simply trips for women who need contact with other women, or just want to relax far from male-world.

Portugal gives an opportunity to hide into the silence of ocean, countryside or natural park, there are plenty of interesting places to see too. Here one can take a deep breath, get visual experience and let it go with the luxury of being self, without the retouch.

We organise trips only for woman:
- Leisure and recreation, according to the statement: “I don't feel like doing anything, so I do not do nothing. I simply am”
- Active sightseeing and fun - a bit of sightseeing, fun and relax
- Psychological workshops and body work activities

Groups from 4 do 15 people, spring and autumn terms, when our tiredness is rising or we get gloomy easier. Trip duration, from couple of days, weekly or up to client decision (depending on needs).
All interested women we invite to contact with us, we will shape the offer according to all your wishes. You kindly welcomed!

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