Creation of the company resulted from the union of three friends with extensive experience in tourism and a great passion for Portugal that decided to create this enterprise for everybody who wishes to travel, relax and learn about new destinations, its people and customs.

With the growing demand for new destinations from customers, there was a need to expand our offer to the south, the north and Madeira. Because of that, the company expanded nationally and internationally and Contacto1currently has several employees who joined the original team. It is a multicultural team that lives and feels this country as his own and invests in its promotion in the international community. The aim of selecting a multicultural team relates to the fact that these employees have effective contact lists in their countries of origin and a greater fluency in their mother tongues (Polish, Italian, French, English, German, Spanish and Russian) essential for us to provide a superior service for our customers.

Portugal is safe and rich in terms of multicultural diversity, climate and natural beauty. MBC Home knows that all customers are unique and have diverse tastes. For it has been throughout its course to create new offers to realize your dreams!

Mystical, Beautiful and Colourful Portugal, feels like dream home

So let us invite you to visit Portugal!

MBChome, Lda

Registered at the Commercial Registry of Lisbon:

NIPC 509020291 e CAE 79900

Address: Rua dos Mareantes 13 – 2 Post Dtº
2530 - 229 Lourinhã, PT

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