Eco-holidays are a perfect opportunity to unwind and relax, and help us to be more creative.

Portugal has plenty of places where you can enjoy such an experience.

Whether you are looking to get away with family and friends, or perhaps wanting to escape from the daily grind of crowded cities, the ecological trips will help you experience life far away from civilization. Organic farming, a healthy lifestyle and great food are very easy to provide in Portugal.  

Ecological holidays give you a chance to visit charming far-flung corners, without damaging the environment.

Portugal has a lot to offer for everyone who seeks peace and good balance of spirit and body.

Our offers include:

  • staying in portuguese quintas, agro guest houses, tents, eco-hotels, thermaes, and in luxury pousadas,
  • trekking route eg: Vincentina, Aldeias do Xisto and many thematic trips: gastronomic, historical, artistic….
  • Portugal on the bicycle and campers.

We invite you to come to Portugal!

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