It’s always sunny in Portugal. It’s quite hot in the summer with temperatures above 30 degrees from June till the end of September.

vacationThe wind is very strong on some of the beaches making these places ideal for water sports. Spring that starts from March and lasts till the end of May with temperatures between 20 and 30 degrees is the best and most suitable time for tourism. Luxuriant, fresh and colourful flora charms with its blooming flowers (even on the beaches) but there are not that many tourists yet at this time. It’s quite similar in the Autumn, except  the flora seems a bit tired with high temperatures in Summer.

Winters are rather mild, you may find some snow in the mountains and in the north but on the coast the temperatures are rarely below 10 degrees. From November till March it’s even possible to go to the beach as temperatures are usually above 20 degrees. It’s perfect time to see the truly real  Portugal because there are not many tourists there at that time. Only the ocean water on the whole coast is always cold and its temperature is rarely higher than 20 degrees.


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