Still uncharted Portugal Even though Portugal is not a big country it attracts for people because there are a variety of leisure activities on offer.

8-portugalBeautiful, sandy beaches often hidden between rocky precipices spread along the ocean coast. Still today you may find here small, wild beaches on which you will find yourself the only or one of very few persons and to which you can get only by car as possibility to go there using local means of transport is rather small.
The most developed region of the Algarve to the coast (in the south of Portugal) and around Lisbon, where he focused Portuguese resorts.
A far more interesting shore is the one of Alenejo region (south of Lisbon) or or that of Estramadura and of Beira Litoral (north of Lisbon). It’s there where many wild beaches still wait to be found.
Rural regions – especially in the centre of the country, both in the south and in the north – are impoverished and neglected but it’s there where you may feel the 19th century atmosphere of small villages and towns with narrow streets. It’s also there where even today you may see donkeys as one of means of transport and find many vineyards or pastures where cows, horses and black pigs from Alentejo are grazed.
There are not many big cities in Portugal. The biggest one is Lisbon in the centre of the country, Porto in the north and Faro in the south. You may go on several trips or go climbing in not very high Portuguese mountains.

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