Travelling educates, by providing character-building new experiences and skills. Our exciting offers give you an opportunity to discover something more...

You might call it education by experience. With us you will have fun and the possibility to discover more about yourself by learning something new.

Portugal has a lot to offer for both regular travellers and for first time visitors. Visiting Portugal will help broaden your mind, and with us you will have the chance to learn something new, develop your skills, meet new friends, discover a new culture.... and much more!

Our offers:

  • Specialised trips: farmers, geologists, teachers, artists, etc...
  • workshops: psychological and self-development, yoga, meditation, handicraft, photography, painting, make-up etc...
  • athletic course: water sports (surf, kite, more), football, volleyball, etc...
  • language courses,
  • scientific conference.

We provide a quality team of professional trainers, instructors and teachers. If you would like to propose your own educational or professional trip, please contact us! We will help to organises an unforgettable experience for you.

With us, your Portuguese experience will be easy and enjoyable. Feel free to contact us!

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