Portugal - a paradise to get married. Romantic wedding on the beach, in the vineyards or in charming Lisbon are very famous.

Thanks to potential of the country we can organize your unforgettable wedding.

We organize marriage and wedding reception. All steps of wedding all planned by us    from scratch: we arrange documents in portuguese offices, translate them and provide interpreter during the marriage wedding festivity.

  • Civil marriage - takes place in Civil Registry Office or in other places chosen by you (e.g. on the beach, in the palace, in the restaurant, vineyard etc.) in the presence of licensed clerk and interpreter. Since 2010 in Portugal the homosexul marrieds have been legisitimate.
  • Church wedding - celebrate in the chosen church with an english-speaking representative of the church.
  • Catholic concordat marriage - the combination of civil and church wedding with the presence of an english -speaking representative of the church.
  • Symbolic marriage - anywhere without an authorized official, legalized at the Civil Registry Office on the same day or the day after a symbolic ceremony.

With the involvement and professionalism we will organize the wedding in the church or in the Registry Office. We will take into consideration such details as: decoration of the place of the wedding, wedding bouquet, music frame, transportation etc. We will recommend a qualified photographer, visagist and hairdresser.

Thanks to living in Portugal we have a possibility to propose a wide offers of places for wedding. We will also coordinate this beautiful and important event.   

Let us organize your dreaming wedding!

Our proposal as well includes organizing of honey-moon, hen and bachelor party and following events:

  • with friends - beautiful landscapes, proximity of the ocean, tasty wines, and sunny days- those are the advantages of Portugal. This is a perfect destination for ,,girly meetings” and ,,male trips”. Potential are huge: voyage on the Douro or Tagus river, trips with a tuk-tuk in Lisbon, Porto or Sintra; sunbathing on amazing beaches or jeep safari in Algarve. For those who like an active trekking we propose trek on the cliffs or in Arouca Geopark
  • family - celebration of birthdays, anniversaries, christening or simple family trips. Perhaps in charming and peaceful Minho region or in lively Algarve region? Taking into consideration, that Portugal is a small country you may see a lot in short time.
  • just the two of you - engagement, anniversaries, important events…  those are a good opportunities to celebrate with your loved one. Romantic castles in Sintra, dinners in lovely located viewpoints or on the beaches where you can enjoy the view on the cliffs and ocean or voyages during the sunsets are perfect reasons to celebrate those events.

Please, contact us, if you need only a qualified photographer.

We invite you to enjoy our offer.

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