Important ceremony, business event or a fun-filled party with friends... Everything will become even more precious if it happens in Portugal.

Anything will become even more precious when is in Portugal. The unique celebration in a fantastic scenery and the cities spectacular character it´s guarantee unforgettable memories.

Lisbon is the magical city, where the sun shines nearly every day and the time is measured by the length of a thin shadow cast by a long palm. The positive spirit of this European capital city that is located in the farthest west of the continent bedazzles both its inhabitants and guests, who keep on returning to experience the city as often as possible. Lisboa is a place of freedom and tolerance where everybody feels comfortable and 'at home'. While enjoying a delicious coffee you can admire an exquisite architecture, later get lost in narrow little streets of Alfama or walk along the Tag river, which reflects the sunshine in a rainbow blaze.

What we offer to you is a total package: starting with the flights booking and transport, through accommodation, organizing an unusual breath-taking attraction, finding a perfect room for your event and the guide and resident services.

We make your dreams come true. Do not hesitate to contact us and surely we can meet all your expectations.

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