The offer is directed to everyone who wishes to discover northern part of Portugal.

guimaraes vi 250If you like green trees, blue rivers, the sea breeze, good food, crafts and historic architecture of castles and palaces, we invite you to discover this green region of Portugal with us.

If you are active holiday maker in northern Portugal you will find everything you are looking for, such as great hiking and biking tracks or a wide range of extreme sports to try out. There you may also visit many historic cities, enjoy beautiful nature and delicious cuisine. It is exactly from Northern Portugal where many finest Portuguese dishes and excellent wines come from. In the land of Tras-os-Montes you may find many medieval towns scattered among the wild landscapes. While visiting Norther Portugal you cannot miss cities and towns such as as Porto, Bragança and Braga, Guimarães, Viana de Castelo and Chaves.

Northern Portugal offers, among other things:

  • holidays in nature - in the green land of Tras-os-Montes and Park Narodotras os Montes and tras os montes ii 250Peneda-Geres. This large park created in 1971 is the oldest and the only protected area in Portugal. Its main objective is to protect the local flora, fauna, water, landscape and facilitate education and tourism. Protected is not only nature, but also the style of life that has been unchanged for hundreds of years. It is an ideal place for all who enjoys nature and trekking, but also extreme sports.
  • cultural and scenic trails - Romanesque trail is a route leading to 58 monuments located in the north of Portugal near the river Tâmega, Sousa and part of the river Douro. This includes monasteries, churches and monuments, bridges, castles and towers that have many of the characteristic of Romanesque architecture in the region.
  • Douro River cruises - there is no better way to know the Douro valley in Portugal than setting off on a cruise ship or traditional, wooden boat. During the trip on the Douro River you will have an opportunity to see vineyards located on the slopes of the mountain and visit more than one of them, even join the harvest if you visiting in the season. This trip is an excellent opportunity to explore the surrounding attractions.
  • gastronomy and wine - wine trail takes you on an unforgettableporto xviii 250 journey through Porto and Northern Portugal offering plenty of regional wines: white, red, green, or the world famous port wine. A cuisine of the region is still reinventing itself with a new aromas, flavours and fragrances, surrounded by the sounds and colours of the beautiful landscapes. Food and wine as the residents themselves believe are the symbols of life that reflect the soul of people living in the north part of Portugal.

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