Join our Thematic Tours and discover more than one Portugal. Visit the Portugal of your choice and enjoy your personalized itinerary.

There is no ONE Portugal. There is Portugal of wine and gourmet, Portugal filled with movie, Heritage and Cultural Portugal, Untitled-2Portugal for those who love sports or those who loves shopping and nightlife. There is Portugal for everyone. With us, you may discover more than only one, beacuse every thematic tour is new and amazing experience, which will help you to discover Portugal of your choice. We don't like routine and we don't like to follow the crowd. We like to be original and unique and that's how your tour with us would also be. The group of our passionate guides promise to take you to the most interesting and mysterious places of this westernmost country of Europe and show you the best of Portugal. If you like to know more and do something truly special then throw you guidebook away and let the real Local Guide take you through authentic and charming places, customs and flavours of Portugal.

Portugal of wine and gourmet
Wine and Gourmet tour is a perfect choice for all who want to discover Portuguese flavours and learn more about wine production. During the tour you will discover Portugal and visit numerous family owned restaurant where you will get a chance to try the finest products of Portugal: olive oil, cheese, seafood,meat and others. If you would like we could also take you for a day long tour to typical quintas- small wineries where wine is being produced by a family who will definitely show you each corner of their beloved quinta and enjoy a quiet meal with you sharing the secrets of wine making. If you are visiting during the months of harvest, you may also engage in grapes collection and have the most realistic and unique experience of so called' wine culture' of Portugal.
Join this tour and discover the tasty Portugal!

Untitled-1Portugal on a horseback
Discover Portugal from a different perspective. Join your hobby with a passion for travelling. Get on the horse and gallop on the beach of vast Atlantic Ocean or explore the vineyards of Portugal on a horseback. Join our equestrian Tours and let us take you on an exceptional equestrian adventure, which you will never forget!

Bike Tours
Discover Portugal on the bike and cycle through the most beautiful and unique places accessible only by bicycle. Learn the history, discover the natural beauty, taste the flavours and enjoy the culture of this westernmost country of Europe off the beaten track.

Portugal is an ideal country for all who love trekking. In the North you may enjoy Trekking the Camino de Santiago de Compostela and in the south and central you can enjoy a walk along the wild coastline, visiting several Natural Parks of Portugal. Portugal is also great for historical walking tours during which you can discover rich and amazing history of this little, country located on the western edge of Europe.

Join our movie tour and follow in the footsteps of your favourite characters.lisbon story 1
Visit the places where movies such as In The White City, Lisbon Story, Night Train to Lisbon or Imagine were shoot. See for yourself how the sites look like in the reality and compare it to the scenes of your favourite movies.
Get inspired and feel the artistic soul of Lisbon just as Alain Tanner, Wim Wenders, Bille August or Andrzej Jakimowski.

Cultural Lisbon
The Cultural Lisbon is another way of exploring the Portuguese Capital. Lisbon is filled with great museums and galleries and Sunday is the most 'cultural day' in Lisbon, when most of the greatest museum offers free entrance. However, Cultural Lisbon is not only Lisbon of museums, but also Lisbon of breathtaking views. Many of the viewpoints located on the balconies or roofs of the churches are also totally free just on Sundays.
So get ready, because the Cultural Sunday is definitely a busy one!

Heritage Lisbon
The Heritage Tours are especially designed for those who want to discover rich histtorre belem i 250ory of Portugal reaching back to times of Great Roman Empire and visit the most amazing and unique places in Portugal listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites including Monastery of Jeronimo and Tower of Belém, an old town of Sintra, Convent of Christ in Tomar, Monastery of Alcobaca, Evora and Monastery of Batalha.

Era of Discoveries
Let's discover Belem- the district of Era of Discoveries. Let's get to know Henry the Navigator, Vasco da Gama and others who turn little westernmost, country into big World wide Empire. Let's see what happened after discovery of India and learn more about Manuelian style, unique style, only seen in Portugal reminding about the greatness of the Era of Discoveries. Let's enjoy a typical pastel de belem and a coffee in 100 years old, biggest cafeteria. Let's do it all and even more...

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