There are many ways to discover Lisbon and we offer some of the most interesting:

Tours1The City Game 'Lisbon Story' - this is the only way to discover Lisbon differently and feel it with all your senses, while engaging in a fun game leading you through the most interesting city sights and attractions of Lisbon and discovering traditional neighbourhoods such as Alfama, Bairro Alto and Baixa.

Hippotrip - amphibious ride is an opportunity to explore Lisbon, both on land and on water. It is a great entertainment and the chance to learn some of the rich history and culture of this magnificent city.

Tuk-tuk - also known as the rickshaw. Tuk tuk is led by a local guide who will take us where we only want and provide us with interesting facts about the places we will be visiting. An unusual form of sightseeing brings a lot of joy and plenty new experiences.

Beetle Cabrio - for car fans and old cars lovers. Great to move from place to place in a stylish vehicle and not waste a minute in discovering beautiful Lisbon.tour beetle

Vintage scooter, old motorbike - motoring fans can rent a scooter or old motorbike with a driver who will help you to discover the most interesting places of Lisbon in an unconventional way.

Trams - 100-year-old, wooden tram is a symbol of Lisbon. The route runs frequently up and down the narrow streets of typical neighbourhoods providing unforgettable experiences, so you can feel the real soul of Lisbon.

Ecotour - this small, 100% electric bumper car can be used to beat most of the hills and narrow streets of Lisbon and reach the highest vantage points of the city, without any effort.

Segway - explore the town using organic, self-balancing device. Segway tour is a unique opportunity to photograph the most important monuments of Lisbon and get into the tinniest and narrow streets that Lisbon is known for.electric-bike

Bike - cycling around Lisbon can be a challenge due to its location on the seven hills. For those who loves active forms of recreation and exercise it is the ideal way of exploring Lisbon.

Panoramic bus - The route includes famous places of Lisbon, giving you an opportunity of visiting the Old Town district of Belem and other magical alleys effortlessly walking the hills of the city.

Gocar - It is a small car, with GPS, which tells you all about Lisbon and directs you through the town. Due to its small volume it may enter the smallest streets and magical places of Lisbon, inaccessible by a normal vehicle.

Boat: boat, sailing boat, motor boat - a chance to see Lisbon from a different perspective. You can sail along the northern bank of the river between Praça do Comércio and Belém Tower. sunset-cruiseThis is a chance to see all the major sights of the city, but also the possibility of enjoying the sunset and a romantic dinner or wine tasting on the board.

Sailing - a perfect escape from the crowded streets full of tourists, allowing full relaxation and contemplation. No need to have a patent on a sailboat, just sit back and enjoy the beautiful panorama of Lisbon.

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